How To Begin Reputation Management

The best reputation management starts with getting prepared to setup multiple blogs. These blogs will be utilized with the intent of ranking on the first page of Google for the name in question. Before you can setup these blogs, there are some things you need to get first.

The first step is to grab an unlimited hosting account from Hostgator. They start at under $5 a month but I recommend the business package for $15 a month. Still very cheap, and you can do so much more with it.

Once you have your hosting, you need some good WordPress themes. For this, I like to use Elegant Themes as you get a ton of premium themes for under $40 a year with unlimited downloads. Also, new themes are always coming out with Elegant Themes.

Now all you need to do is grab some domain names from Godaddy and you are all set. I suggest grabbing domains that have the words that you want to repair in it. If it’s your personal name, then get domain names that have your personal name in it.

You have everything you need at this point, and it’s time to setup your WordPress blogs and start blogging. You can write about anything. The key here is the social networks and sharing that you will be doing using your name. You want to setup Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking accounts that will get ranked. Utilize these social networks by taking part in them normally. I understand it’s stressful to have bad things on the internet about you, but have fun anyway and before you know it the bad stuff will be gone.

Make sure you blog-hop and comment on other blogs using your name. This will leverage other established blogs to get them ranked for your name and push down the bad press.

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