Google Defamation Removal in 3 Months

Did you know that you can now remove defamation in Google within 3 months time rather than it taking 6 months to a year? If you have at least $1,000 per month to work with, then you can control your brand by having a professional online reputation management company likes ours replace the bad with the good.

With the reliance of social networks and bloggers for Google to determine social popularity, we have full control of the content that appears on the first page of serps. Repair your reputation in Google now by contacting us right away.

Google Defamation can really hurt your financial situation, personal relationships, and more. Don’t let a defaming individual kill everything you worked hard for.

3 Comments on Google Defamation Removal in 3 Months

  1. I think the area of reputation management is an industry with a huge growth potential. With social media and recommendation marketing growing quickly the need and demand for the management of all the information out there is increasingly becoming important.
    Are you actually removing defamation or are you replacing it in the search results. In other words, can you actually delete unwanted information or you make it harder to find by trying to get good information rank higher in the search engines?

    • Actually removing it is possible if you get in touch with the offender that controls the information, and reason with them. Unfortunately, this tactic often backfires and they may end up writing even more bad press about you or your business.

      The best way to get rid of the information is to bury it and replace it with positive information.

  2. You have posted a very important info for me. I don’t know how to maintain my reputation in Google and the branding thing was not in my mind although I often heard about it. Anyway, I need to check my sites and I’ll be counting on you for site consultation. Thanks!

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